What is 'Rogue Writer’?

Stories. They connect us like nothing else can.

Rogue Writer is me. Just me (Shari Lopatin), as a writer and storyteller, doing what I love most: sharing my worldview primarily through fiction and essays, with some other stuff sprinkled throughout. I’m a culturally Jewish, nature-loving, bigotry-hating, ADHD-surviving former journalist living in Arizona who LOVES storytelling. I write to simply write.


If you’re looking for something real in today’s soundbite world, you’ve come to the right place. If you enjoy getting swept away in a story and wondering what will happen next, you’ll love my serialized fiction.

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I like to keep the bulk of my writing free for all to enjoy. However, writing takes time, just like any other job. I love it, but I also put time and effort into my work. I also rely on my writing to help pay my way through life (you know, bills). Therefore, if you can afford to pay, I ask you to consider it, allowing those who can’t afford the cost to continue enjoying my writing. Plus, paying for work is the BEST way to show you appreciate a writer or artist, especially if they’re indie—like me.

The Apollo Illusion

In 2018, I did a thing. I published my first novel (whoop!) and I am going to shamelessly plug it here: The Apollo Illusion. It’s a science fiction dystopia about a future society's frightening overdependence on technology. The e-book version made Amazon's Dystopian Fiction Bestsellers List in August 2019! Check it out below:

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That Pretty Much Covers It

I hope you’ll consider signing up for my little corner of the world over here at Rogue Writer, whether as a free or paying subscriber. And maybe we can get to know each other a little better.

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Shari Lopatin
Just a former journalist who's culturally Jewish, nature-loving, bigotry-hating, ADHD-surviving, and living in Arizona while writing her way through life. All opinions are my own.