What is 'Rogue Writer’?

Writing is a way of life, whether it’s fiction, poetry, journalism, commentary, or strategic marketing. It’s a way of thinking, a way to be real. “Rogue Writer” is my newsletter about anything and everything that encompasses the writing life, including social commentary, book reviews, and personal stories. If you are craving a raw, relatable voice in today’s world, this is the place for you. But be forewarned, I consider myself a liberal (gasp!), so if that bothers you, perhaps find a different newsletter to read. Or don’t. This is America. Your choice.

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  • Political and social commentary, influenced by my own life experiences and my past work as a staff journalist

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  • Book reviews. Just … book reviews

  • Personal life stories and narrative essays

  • Updates on new stories, articles, or books that I’m writing, including the occasional snippets from my fictional stories or poetry

Who Am I?

Hi! My name is Shari Lopatin. Nice to meet you.

Yeah, that’s me in my home office, in raw, make-up-free glory. I also happened to snap this fashion shot at the height of COVID quarantine in 2020, which explains the tired, weary look in my eyes. But the ever-obligatory selfie with a bookshelf in the background is a must for any writer, so …

Why should you care what I say?

In reality, you probably shouldn’t. Because I sometimes ramble. Like right now. But if you’ve read this far, I now consider you a captive audience, so here’s a little about me, and why you might find “Rogue Writer” enticing or helpful:

  • I’ve worked for more than 15 years as a professional writer, editor, and communications consultant across numerous industries, including newspapers and magazines, healthcare, government, and good ole Corporate America

  • I’m a published author! Yes, I have one novel out, and I am going to shamelessly plug it here: The Apollo Illusion, a science fiction dystopia about a future society's frightening overdependence on technology (the e-book version made Amazon's Dystopian Fiction Bestsellers List in August 2019!)

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  • Throughout my career, I’m proud to have earned some awards for my writing, including two Associated Press awards for my work on an investigative news team

  • I am a cat mom to Teddi Bear and Ferdinand, a longtime girlfriend and partner, a sister, a daughter, and a best friend

  • I love chocolate, Broadway musicals, nature, hiking, dancing, animals, the Phoenix Suns, my family, and my cats

  • I hate fake people, bullies, gluten-free pizza, bad movies, bigotry, traffic, entitled arrogance, cheap coffee, and misinformation

  • In 2019, a virus attacked my brainstem and almost debilitated me for life, but after medical leave from my job and extensive therapy, I started writing (and walking normally) again

Oh yes, and I should probably re-emphasize this here: all opinions are my own and do NOT represent any company or entity for which I work.

Also, for fun, here is Teddi Bear:

And here is Ferdinand:

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