What is 'Rogue Writer’?

Stories. They connect us like nothing else can.

Rogue Writer is me. Just me, as a writer and storyteller, doing what I love most: sharing my worldview through fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. No niche restrictions; just writing.

If you’re looking for something real in today’s soundbite world, you’ve come to the right place.

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  • The occasional sociopolitical commentary, influenced by my life experiences and past work as a daily newspaper reporter

  • Poetry

  • Sporadic book reviews and interviews with other writers, change-makers, thinkers, or people with interesting things to say

  • Updates on new books I’m writing, articles I’m publishing, or other writing projects

Who Am I?

Hi! My name is Shari Lopatin. Nice to meet you.

Yeah, that’s me in my home office, in raw, make-up-free glory. I also happened to snap this fashion shot at the height of COVID quarantine in 2020, which explains the tired, weary look in my eyes. But the ever-obligatory selfie with a bookshelf in the background is a must for any writer, so …

Why should you care what I write?

Maybe you shouldn’t, but if you can relate to anything about me, you might enjoy my writing style. Here are some tidbits:

  • I’m a former daily newspaper reporter, which means I enjoy analyzing important topics or trends, and I enjoy telling people’s stories (here are some samples of my past journalistic work)

  • I’m a published author! Yes, I have one novel out, and I am going to shamelessly plug it here: The Apollo Illusion, a science fiction dystopia about a future society's frightening overdependence on technology (the e-book version made Amazon's Dystopian Fiction Bestsellers List in August 2019!)

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  • I don’t like pigeonholing myself into a specific genre, but my fiction writing tends to lean toward either contemporary, suspense bordering on thriller, speculative/dystopian, or some odd combination of the three

  • I am a cat mom to Teddi Bear and Ferdinand, a longtime girlfriend and partner, a sister, a daughter, and a best friend

  • I love chocolate, Broadway musicals, nature, hiking, dancing, animals, photography, peace, traveling, the Phoenix Suns, my family, and my cats

  • I hate fake people, bullies, gluten-free pizza, bad movies, bigotry, human rights violations, traffic, entitled arrogance, cheap coffee, abuse, and misinformation

Oh yes, and I should probably emphasize this here: all opinions are my own and do NOT represent any company or entity for which I work.

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